My Secret

Do you know the only time you’re allowed to bold-faced lie?

When you’re pregnant! But only during the first trimester. After that, it’s a sin again.

{a lemon about the same size as our little one}

We’re fourteen weeks into the making of baby number three! We haven’t been in a hurry to spread the word. It’s nice keeping this little secret.

But really, there comes a point when it becomes necessary to share.

It just makes popping your top button and eating peanut butter, jelly & poultry seasoning sandwiches so much more… acceptable.

Ok, I didn’t really eat a pb, j, & ps sandwich. I really wanted to, but decided it was just too strange a thing to do.

Thanks to everyone who’s been wondering where I am and patiently waiting for me to emerge. I’m feeling much better lately.

One last thing… check out this fantastic video, Conception to Birth Visualized, presented during a TED talk. It’s amazing. I love when people realize that science and divinity are not exclusive.

Conception to Birth Visualized |

Do you have a fun story about keeping a secret or sharing the news?

2012 Printable Calendar

Days spill into weeks and all of the sudden, I've taken an intentional blogging break. again.

Sorry I don't do well at letting you know ahead of time! Forgive me?

Anywho, I've made another printable calendar for you!

2012 Calendar

Nothing fancy, just something to help you organize 2012.

And, you know... free.

While you're at it, why not create a meaningful yearly plan?

Cheers to the New Year!

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