MYM Challenge: Week 1

As I sit here, I am unshowered, eating lunch well past lunchtime, and prioritizing what I need to accomplish in the next hour, knowing not everything will get done before I need to leave the house. I so need this challenge!

If you don't already know, we are working through Maximize Your Mornings by Kat @ Everyone is welcome to join! Read my Maximize Your Mornings Challenge Intro for all the details. If you haven't downloaded the eBook, go ahead and do it now.

You'll want to get familiar with the eBook first. It's packed resources to help us achieve our goals. Take a minute to read pages 2 & 3, where Kat casts her vision for what our mornings could look like. It's contagious!

Today we're tackling Step 1: How To Get Out Of Bed. If you haven't done so, read pages 4 & 5.

I love how Goal #1 is simply Get.Out.Of. Bed! That's exactly where I'm starting from. When my alarm goes off, my biggest challenge will be to roll out of my nice warm covers!

Kat has 5 tips for making sure you are able to get out of bed and have uninterrupted time to get things accomplished.

Tip #1: How To Find The Time - I like the idea of having a contingency plan in case the kids wake up. It seems like kids can sense when Mom is up. It's nice to hear that just because they wake up, it doesn't mean they need to become the center of attention. I'm going to try setting my kids up with their own 'quiet time' if they decide to get up early, too.

Tip #2: Be Prepared - Making plans the night before is where I often fail. At the end of a busy day, it seems the last thing I want to do is think about tomorrow's busyness. Starting tonight, I will jot down a plan to get into the habit of doing it.

Tip #3: Adjust Your Internal Clock - Make the adjustment gradually. Kat asked me to share her thoughts on this with all of you:
One thing that I don't think I made clear enough in the ebook is that 5:30am isn't the magic number. I've seen lots of people try to go from a 8am morning to a 5:30am morning and that spells burnout. It's much more effective to move your wake up time back 15 minutes or so at a time (every few days or each week - depending on how hard it is for you to get up). It's also vital for long term success, that the evening bedtime be moved back accordingly as well.
Tip #4: Getting Up Early Starts At Night - I'm a night owl. If I stay up too late, I find that I can't fall asleep. If I do this too many nights in a row, I get stuck in a cycle of insomnia. So, as much as I don't prefer to go to bed early, I am ready to make a change. Are you?

Tip #5: Find An Accountability Partner - This is the type of support I need. I don't know why, but it really helps me. I'm excited about having a wake-up text buddy!

Now read Page 20, Step 1 of Your Action Plan. Is this challenge for you? Kat encourages us to tell someone, so I've added a link-up at the bottom. You may link a post in which you talk about the challenge or your twitter handle. Or tell a friend, your spouse, your mom, whoever!

Here we go!!

Complete These Action Steps Before Bed Tonight! (p. 5/6)

1. What time will you wake up?
I'm starting at 7:30a, hoping to work back to 6:45a by the end of the month.

2. What time do you  need to go to bed to make sure you still get enough sleep? I do well on 6-7 hours of sleep, but just to be safe I'll start with 11:30p.

3. Collect all the items you need for your morning time: Bible, notebook, coffee supplies, laptop, CD (need to burn), earbuds, exercise video(??)

4. Set your alarm clack (and a backup clock, if necessary). Setting cell phone to 7:30a.

5. Find an accountability partner. Hubby for now.

These are the steps we will begin working on becoming consistent at this week. Next week, we'll work on creating a detailed Quiet Time Schedule.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm trying to memorize all 50+ of your names right now! If you'd like to get to know me better, you can have new posts delivered to your reader or inbox.

Keep me posted on your progress! I'm rooting for us!!

Discussion Questions:
What will be your biggest obstacle to overcome this month?
What time are you setting your alarm clock for this week?

Don't forget, there are many ways to work through this challenge together! Visit the links below as well and offer encouragement to each other if you have a chance!


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