MYM Challenge: Week 3 {Exercise}

So, how many of you are still with me? I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s a quick hello!

Knowing we’re not alone is what makes this challenge more fun, don’t you think? I could certainly use some encouragement turning my good intentions into action, because I’m struggling a bit. We’ve had 3 busy and unusual weeks here. What a month to try starting a predictable routine! My biggest challenge has been maintaining my routine while travelling and having company. What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

I’ve heard a lot of you comment that it’s turning out to be harder than you first thought. Don’t be discouraged! Take small steps. Keep working on the same step or wake-up time until you’ve got it established.

Don’t forget, “Success is most often a by-product of faithfulness.” (Kat) Just keep swimming!

I’ve decided I need a little extra incentive to stick with the plan. Haven’t decided what that will be yet, but maybe setting up a little reward would be motivating to you, too?

I just want to remind us of some of the key principles taught in Maximize Your Mornings. {ebook available at}

1. Do the Important Stuff

2. Be Consistent

3. Inertia {get in motion}

During Week 1, we worked on Getting out of Bed.

In Week 2, we created a Quiet Time Schedule.

If you are still working on either of these, that’s okay! I am still concentrating on Step 1!

This week, we’re adding Exercise to our AM routine. Does anyone know of an exercise DVD that is mostly stretching? I think that’s where I need to start. I tagged along to my sister’s class last week and realized just how out of practice I am. I used to attend Body & Soul, which was fabulous. If I could find a home workout DVD that combines exercise & Praise music I would be very happy! {Leaving my home isn’t an option right now.}

Here are your Action Steps for this week:

Step 3: Develop an Exercise Plan (refer to pages 10-15 of the eBook)

1 Pick A Workout – List all the ways you could possibly exercise.

2. Make It Fun – Specifically plan your workout.

3. Create Your Habit – What is 1 thing you’ll do everyday?

4. Set A Goal – Why are you exercising?

Now fill out pages 23-24 of the eBook and you’ll have your Exercise Plan in place! Would you share you plan in the comments – I’d love to hear about it!

Just joining in the challenge? Here’s the MYM Intro Post.

Don’t forget to encourage each other this week! You can link up your own posts about the AM Challenge below. {Link to specific MYM posts!}

I hope you’re inspired & I wish you all success as you’re dragging yourself out of bed! You can do it!!

-m :)

MYM Challenge: Week 3 Link-up


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