10 Gift Ideas for a new (or not-so-new) Mom

I’ve got babies on the brain! My newest niece is on her way and I can’t sleep! If you’re keeping track, that makes a niece in July, a nephew in August, this new baby in September, and one on the way in early November- whew!

So, in honor of all these babies and their Mamas, here are 10 fantastic gifts I think any mom would love to receive! 

1. Milk Delivery 
Yes, this still exists! There are over half-a-million listings in Google for milk delivery. I can't tell you how many times I wished a magic milk fairy would drop off a gallon. Many companies let you place your order online- perfect for sleep-deprived moms! 

2. Diaper Service 
There are plenty of national and local diaper service companies to choose from. Each week you return soiled diapers and receive fresh (bacteria free) ones. I love how they can adjust the pH of the diapers to your child’s need, reducing diaper rash!

3. Photography 
Who doesn’t love newborn photos, their cute little wrinkled bodies curled up peacefully, complete with sleeping faces and chubby rolls all over? *sigh* But honestly, what family with little ones has extra cash for a professional session and prints? We received this gift with our second and I promise, it’s a hit!

4. Embroidered Canvas Tote & Baby Supplies 
You can never go wrong with wipes, diapers, and travel supplies. Why not package them in a cute tote with a special monogram or name that can be used as a spare diaper bag or overnight duffel? (This might involve getting inside information!) My Sister-in-law received this gift for her shower this summer. I wish I had thought of it!

5. Laundry Basket & Laundry Supplies 
I love practical gifts, if you haven’t noticed. How fun would it be to fill a basket with detergent, stain remover, hangers, maybe even some cute outfits? I recommend natural and organic products, like method, biokleen, or homemade detergent, in case the baby has sensitive skin. Choose laundry supplies that are unscented. (Hint: “Baby detergent” is scented!) 

6. Stick Blender & Baby Food Recipe Book 
The "make your own baby food" trend is back! I ruined a Magic Bullet & a stick blender with all the baby food I made, so I recommend getting a quality, corded immersion blender. Pair it with a great book like Baby Blender Food and both moms & babies will drool over this gift!

7. Enamel Bucket, Bath Toys & Baby Bath Products 
We have a cute yellow bucket sitting by our tub full of bath toys and baby washes. This is a good gift for any mom, because bath toys get gross in hard-to-clean places. This will give her the excuse to toss the old ones. You can never have too many baby washes and shampoos. We’ve literally lasted for years with the items we received at our first shower! (Again, remember the sensitive skin!)

8. Gift Certificate for Massage/Spa Services 
I have never received one of these (ahem, husband!), but I can’t think of a new mom who wouldn’t love a little alone-time, much less some pampering. You will be a hero for helping her regain her sparkle (and her sanity). She may just rise up and call you blessed!

9. Restaurant Gift Certificate/Card 
This is a great idea if you would love to take your friends a meal, but aren't able to. It’s a perfect way to give the new mom (or dad) a night off from cooking! At Restaurant.com, you can purchase gift certificates at a big discount. I recommend purchasing their gift certificate and letting the recipient choose the restaurant that suites them.

10. Personalized Piggy Bank & Savings Bond 
My Great-Aunt works for a bank. She always gave us gifts that promoted financial responsibility, which I just love. I received a Savings Bond at birth that I was able to use toward college expenses. My boys have received piggy banks and collectible coins and bills. Adding a name or monogram to a silver piggy bank is so money!

1 More! Gifts of Service 
Offering to lend a hand, taking the family a meal, or providing childcare are precious ways to show love to new Mamas. Do whatever is in your heart, but don’t be fooled! We Mamas like to pretend we have it all together. You may have to get creative in the way you give!

I hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for your future gift-giving!

What other baby gifts do you love to give (or receive)?

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*Photos from my sister's shower, either by myself or my friend, Paula!


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