If you care and you try...

Come sit on the couch and let’s have a chat.

I’ve been trying to find the words. I know what I want to say, but will you hear my heart? Let me try again.

I’m not encouraging excuses, helping you lower the bar, or saying get comfortable where you shouldn’t.

I’m not trying to lift you up by putting down.

But I know you. You are tough on yourself. I hear you. Worried what a stranger will think when they visit your home. Comparing yourself to catalogs and cooking shows. Putting yourself on trial when life doesn’t look like a 1980’s sitcom.

But you care. And you try.

Friends, I know what it looks like to stop caring… to quit trying. As a social worker who visited kids at home, I have seen things that would make your hair curl and your mouth drop.

And I want you to know, you are doing a good job.

Yes, you may have days when it seems easier to move than do the housework, but you are doing a good job.

Yes, you may serve meals that fall pitifully short of the end zone, but you are doing a good job.

Yes, you may forget it’s bath night (again) amidst all the ruckus, but you are doing a good job.

‘Cause not everybody cares. And not everybody tries.

But you do. And that means everything.

You are doing a good job!

What haven't you given yourself credit for lately?

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