Create a Meaningful Yearly Plan

Here are some easy ways to plan fun and purpose into your new year!

To Do:

Print a year’s worth of monthly calendar pages for your household binder.

{I think you should do this even if you keep track of your daily calendar somewhere else. It’s always good to have a back-up, just in case.}

Add any important dates, birthdays, etc. to your calendar.

Now Brainstorm:

12 new recipes to try- Create a Pinterest board for your yearly plan or just your new recipes. You could also bookmark or print the recipes, or record the source and page number for easy finding.

12 new crafts, games or activities to do with your kids- Pin or bookmark the links, print the instructions, or tear out the magazine pages

12 fun date ideas for you and your special someone- Write them on 12 index cards and put them in a {red} envelope.

12 different people or families to have to dinner- Pencil the names in the notes section of your calendar.

12 Service Projects you can do as a family- I want my family to be more intentional about serving others this year.

6 great books to read- I’m aiming for 6. We’ll see how far I get!

Tip: Take your book/kindle/nook with you whenever you go out. You’ll get more read that way.

4 or more new places to visit as a family- These could be local treasures or grand adventures!

When deciding on my numbers, I went with challenging, but not enough to make me feel like a loser if I didn't reach the goal. Choose what works for you!

What are some other ways you can plan purpose into the new year?!

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