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I need to come clean.

For over a year, I had outside help with my housecleaning. Every other week, two angels swooped in and did most of my dirty work.

It was the greatest thing ever.

I have lots to say about hiring help when you need it (and are able to do so). Sadly, that arrangement is no more, but I'm not crying over the proverbial spilled milk. well, maybe just a little.

My Awakening

The way it works when you hire someone to clean your house is they come do an initial clean before giving an estimate of cost.

It took the Pro just over 2 hours to clean almost my entire house that first time. what?!

That made me seriously wonder what I was doing wrong.

My Conundrum

It’s not that I don’t enjoy cleaning. Au (oh?) contraire, I love making stuff sparkle.

Ever since I discovered a pair of vintage ice skates under the steps of my childhood home and daydreamed… not of becoming an Olympic skater, mind you – I daydreamed of how I was going to make those skates look like new!

It’s not that I don’t know how to clean. I’ve checked out thick volumes detailing “how to clean” and read them cover to cover. I know what works best on armpit stains, countertops and hard water spots. We could talk at length about natural cleaning products. You know. If you wanted to.

So why did I have such a hard time actually cleaning?

My Education

For the next several months, I studied these Pros to figure out where I was going wrong. It turns out, I simply didn’t know how to convert my enthusiasm and head knowledge into results. At least, not in a very logical or efficient way.

After months of witnessing my own personal cleaning demo, I feel like a new cleaning woman.

Stick around over the next few weeks while I share incredibly simple tips you can implement to overhaul your cleaning process.

It’s going to be a bucket of fun!

31 Days to Clean eBook Giveaway

Maybe the process of cleaning isn’t your issue.

Maybe your overall vision for keeping your home needs a little dusting off.

Maybe your heart for loving your family by cleaning could use a little spit and polish.

You’re in luck! My gal, Sarah Mae wrote an eBook for just such an occasion:

31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way

Unlike me, Sarah Mae doesn’t get a thrill from disinfecting switch plates. (Shocking, I know.)

Recognizing her struggle and desiring to be the best wife and mom for her family, she searched her heart and sought wisdom to find motivation for doing the never-ending, mundane housekeeping tasks.

I read the eBook, which reads like a daily pep-talk, and I am surprised how it makes me want to jump up and scrub something!

There are daily challenges {Mary & Martha} that will help you work on your heart and your home till both are fresh and renewed.

You can check out for more info or to buy your copy in PDF or Kindle format!

One awesome So, I married a Mennonite reader will win a copy of 31 Days to Clean: having a Martha home the Mary way.

To Win:

-Leave a comment describing your biggest cleaning challenge. (Sign in using an email address or include it in your comments, so I can contact you if you win!)


-Subscribe to this blog. Email subscribers are automatically entered to win! RSS subscribers, please leave a comment telling me you’re subscribed.

That’s it!

{Giveaway is open to everyone and ends April 26th at 8:59pm EST. Winner will be contacted by email, so please provide that when you comment.}

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary copy of this eBook. The idea to do a review & giveaway was my own. All opinions expressed are mine.


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