Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Pictures + Our Menu Plan

I saw rhubarb at the farm market, and right away I knew what needed to be done.

{strawberry-rhubarb pie} 

 Oh, yes. I did.

Weekly Menu Plan 

breakfast :: a variation of this granola cereal, breakfast burritos, maybe pancakes. have i mentioned mr. darcy makes the best pancakes in the world? (have i also mentioned i read pride & prejudice last week?) 

lunch :: fiesta bean salad with sour cream and nachos, smoothies with pretzels and chunk cheese, pb&j (but no more than 3 times and i mean it!), salad.


sunday :: today was potluck. i brought the above-mentioned fiesta bean salad and kept some behind for us to eat later this week. we ate grilled chicken salad for supper, followed by the most amazing strawberry rhubarb pie, in my humble opinion.

monday :: poppyseed chicken (oh, it is so good. miss mary brought it for potluck this week and reminded me how much we enjoy it. i use my sister-in-law’s method and hm cream soup from julia child’s kitchen wisdom) + veg

tuesday :: do we have to eat tonight?

wednesday :: leftover redo: chicken & fiesta bean burritos

thursday :: cheesy chicken & rice casserole + veg

friday :: hm pizza - a variation of this pizza recipe

snacks :: hm larabars (new recipe for me), apples, bananas, carrots, pretzels & animal crackers. will it be hot enough for iced coffee this week?!

dessert :: strawberry-rhubarb pie. pardon me while i have a private pie moment. ahh, sweet pie. i love you. 

just for fun :: i think the pie was enough fun for one week. :)

That’s my on-paper, well… on-screen plan. I was completely lacking inspiration this week, so I may revise it as we go. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Your Turn 

What is your most favorite thing to cook? (Pretend someone else is doing the dishes.) Share your thoughts, please. :)

My answer: Possibly pies! I'll include, "anything I love to eat, I pretty much love to cook." Because I get to eat it. :) 

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