A Promise {Without the Awkward Terminator Impression}

{in honor of my own hydrangea, which is just starting to blossom}

I can't figure out if I've slowed down or life has sped up.

All I've been able to do is keep up and enjoy the process as it unfolds.

I will write again. I promise!

But not today, because we're holding a big yard sale tomorrow and I have plenty left to do for that.

In the meantime, have you discovered the beauty that is Pinterest? Maybe we can connect there. {Follow a bunch of creative people and you'll see the appeal.}

Or we could chat on Facebook and Twitter, since I have been able to keep in touch a little more that way.

And if you came looking for something good to read, could I point you toward a fabulous collection of soul-stirring posts by some of my favoritest writers on the web?

:: Compassion Bloggers visit the Philippines ::

I love learning about other cultures and examining my bubble from a new perspective. I lived vicariously through the team this past week.

Oh, and I keep forgetting that I've actually been posting stuff. It's just over at Inspired to Action. If you need a support group to wake up early, come find us!

Anywho, that's all. Just a few clicks of the keys to touch base and wish you a wonderful day!

In the words of my (not-really-mine) grandmother...

Be sweet. :)

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