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Update: The winner was comment #54 - Anne! Anne, I'll be emailing you, so keep an eye out and check your junk mail if you don't see it soon! 

My favorite, money-saving cookbook, More-with-Less, arrived at my door the same week my husband was laid off. Perfect timing!

More-with-Less changed my perspective of food consumption, much like Supersize Me changed people’s perspective of fast food.

More-with-Less, New & Updated Edition!
“Recipes and suggestions by Mennonite on how to eat better
and consume less of the world’s limited food resources.”

MWL is a food reeducation within a “World Community Cookbook.” It has as much wealth as a textbook with information from dietitians, global food statistics and tips from regular home-cooks.

This cookbook teaches how to stretch your food budget by doing “more with less” and teaches stewardship of our food resources from a global perspective.

More-with-Less is produced by Herald Press, a division of MennoMedia, but it isn’t just for Mennonites!
If you would like to live more simply,
if you’re concerned about social justice and the global food shortage, if you want to reflect good stewardship practices in your home,
you will love the heart behind this book!

For the data-lovers, like me:
  • The average North American consumes 2,000 pounds of grain/yr.
  • The average European consumes about 1,000 pounds of grain/yr.
  • The average Asian consumes less than 400 pounds of grain/yr.
  • All but 150 pounds of grain consumed by North Americans is consumed indirectly through meat, milk, eggs, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Most of the 400 pounds consumed by Asians is consumed directly in the form of rice.
These statistics are from the original publication in 1975. Imagine what the numbers must look like now with the huge rise of obesity in America! *The giveaway is for the brand new edition, which has updated stats!

Sure, changing our diets won’t change the world, but it will affect our children. As moms, we are the gate-keepers when it comes to food and it’s our job to watch over what we allow into our homes.

More-with-Less Menu

breakfasts :: whole wheat pineapple muffins (p.72), koinonia granola (p. 90), high-protein waffles (p. 76)

lunches :: quesadillas (p. 145), yaksoba (p.139)

monday ::  pizza rice casserole (p. 129)
tuesday :: spaghetti with zucchini sauce (p. 120). I pureed the sauce so my littles (and hubs) would eat it. they did!
wednesday :: easy chicken curry over rice (p. 136)
thursday :: lasagna roll-ups (p. 119)
friday :: navajo tacos (p. 146)

dessert :: peach kuchen (p. 280)

Tips for Stretching Your Food Budget

  • Eat more whole grains, legumes, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  • Use soybeans or other legumes as a substitute for at least half of the ground beef called for in a recipe.
  • Plant herbs in a container and set it under your outdoor faucet. They’ll get a drink every time you turn your hose on.
  • Pour extra broth into ice cube trays and freeze.
  • When entertaining, focus on one nutritious, cheap, but interesting dish. Complement it with simple foods to build a theme.

*Some of the above text is directly quoted from More-with-Less.


Update: This giveaway is for a copy of the brand new edition of More-with-Less, which hasn't hit the stores yet!!

Would you like to win your own copy of More-With-Less? It’s easy!

1. Simply comment below sharing your favorite food-budget stretching tip or recipe!
If you don’t have one, maybe you really need this cookbook, so go ahead and comment anyway!

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Happy entering!
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