My Secret

Do you know the only time you’re allowed to bold-faced lie?

When you’re pregnant! But only during the first trimester. After that, it’s a sin again.

{a lemon about the same size as our little one}

We’re fourteen weeks into the making of baby number three! We haven’t been in a hurry to spread the word. It’s nice keeping this little secret.

But really, there comes a point when it becomes necessary to share.

It just makes popping your top button and eating peanut butter, jelly & poultry seasoning sandwiches so much more… acceptable.

Ok, I didn’t really eat a pb, j, & ps sandwich. I really wanted to, but decided it was just too strange a thing to do.

Thanks to everyone who’s been wondering where I am and patiently waiting for me to emerge. I’m feeling much better lately.

One last thing… check out this fantastic video, Conception to Birth Visualized, presented during a TED talk. It’s amazing. I love when people realize that science and divinity are not exclusive.

Conception to Birth Visualized |

Do you have a fun story about keeping a secret or sharing the news?


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